One Community Alliance began with a humble idea: to create a space where neighbors from diverse backgrounds could come together, share a meal, and learn more about each other. The visionary behind this initiative is our Executive Director, Hudda Ibrahim.

Recognizing the need to strengthen intercultural relationships and bridge gaps within our community, Ibrahim initiated a program called Dine and Dialogue right in her own home back in 2017. It was so popular and successful, Great Big Story, originally launched by CNN, featured the program in 2020.

Through Dine and Dialogue, Ibrahim witnessed the emergence of powerful conversations, and as these connections flourished, so did our awareness of the inequities faced by disadvantaged populations in the St. Cloud area. We realized that systemic challenges persisted in housing, health, employment, community engagement, the economy, and education.

In 2022, the Central Minnesota Community Foundation sought to embark on a dialogue around racial equity. Leveraging her expertise in peacebuilding and reconciliation, Hudda Ibrahim gathered her team to facilitate a series of conversations under the program ‘Building Equity Through Dialogue.’ In these gatherings, leaders and community members came together to listen and uncover the unique challenges faced by disadvantaged populations in the Central Minnesota region.

Building upon the insights gained, we proudly launched the next phase of our journey in 2023: ‘Building Equity Through Action.’ Organic action groups formed, each dedicated to piloting innovative projects aimed at addressing specific inequities in housing, healthcare, education, the economy, employment, and community engagement.

OneCommunity Alliance was established to sustain the momentum generated by these action groups. We serve as skilled facilitators, guiding action planning sessions, advocating for change, connecting resources, conducting community outreach, performing needs assessments, implementing initiatives, and nurturing leadership. Our ultimate goal is to create equitable conditions across all sectors that significantly impact the well-being of individuals, thus allowing everyone to thrive on an equal footing.

At OneCommunity Alliance, our vision is to build fully actualized equitable communities, one place at a time. We believe in the power of collaboration, compassion, and collective action. Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to create a world where every individual has equal opportunities to flourish and contribute their unique gifts. Together, we can make a difference.