The foundation of a healthy life starts with having shelter, a safe environment, and a place to call home.

Our housing coalition consists of:

  • Builders
  • Local Bank Representatives
  • Realtors

Our housing coalition brings together key stakeholders in the housing sector to address housing-related issues and challenges. Having builders, local bank representatives, and realtors as part of our coalition can lead to a more comprehensive and effective approach to addressing housing needs in our community. Each of these groups can contribute their unique expertise and resources to the coalition’s efforts.

One Community Alliance focuses on

  • Addressing housing-related issues and challenges in a community or region.
  • Helping families build equity by owning their homes.
  • Reducing homeownership inequities and increasing home ownership
  • Allocating local and state funding for homeownership
  • Aiding families of color in their search for good financing
  • Finding families for down payment support

One Community Alliance is committed to advocating for:

Affordable Housing Development:

  • One Community Alliance works tirelessly to develop and maintain affordable housing options for individuals and families with low to moderate incomes. This can involve constructing new housing units, rehabilitating existing properties, or providing financial assistance for affordable homeownership

Housing Counseling

  • Our housing counselors provide advice on buying a home or renting and
  • Help individuals and families understand their housing options, navigate the homebuying process, foreclosures, credit issues and avoid foreclosure or eviction

Homelessness Prevention

  • To prevent homelessness, we strive to look for emergency financial assistance, temporary shelter, or supportive services earmarked to individuals and families at risk of losing their homes.

Policy Advocacy:

  • We strive to advocate for policies and legislation at the local, state, and national levels that promote affordable housing, tenant rights, and fair housing practices

Tenant Support:

  • We provide support and resources to tenants, including legal assistance, mediation services, and education on tenants’ rights and responsibilities.

Financial Assistance:

  • Financial assistance programs, such as down payment assistance, rent subsidies, or home repair grants, to help individuals and families access and maintain safe and affordable housing

Housing Education

  • Offering educational programs and workshops to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed housing decision
  • Increasing equitable housing for all by providing a comprehensive resource hub for housing finance education,
  • Navigating state assistance for new and first-generation homeowners, and streamlining the pre-approval process

Research and Data Analysis

  • We conduct research and data analysis to better understand housing trends, challenges, and disparities in our communities


  • We are committed to seeking collaboration for housing nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and community stakeholders to leverage resources and expertise in addressing housing issues effectively